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New Official Surrogacy Concierges Commercial

Please enjoy the new official commercial for Surrogacy Concierges, featuring Evie Jeang. 洛杉磯的國際愛兒代孕服務公司

September 17, 2017
July 17, 2017


Top attorney Evie Jeang was interviewed by ETTV News on her company Surrogacy Concierges, a one-stop shop helping prospective parents with surrogacy law, family law, immigration law, real-estate law, and more. With her company Ideal Legal Group and Surrogacy Concierges, Ms. Jeang offers services in English, Chinese, and Spanish for prospective parents interested in surrogacy. For parents from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Surrogacy Concierges also helps prospective parents immigrate to America, for a better life for their children. Surrogacy Concierges offers a highly personalized, first-class experience to clientele, even offering professional advice on fields like real estate and recreation. Ms. Jeang even helped a celebrity client of Surrogacy Concierges book her airplane tickets and move into a mansion complete with a gourmet chef upon her arrival in Los Angeles. For efficient and in-depth guidance through the surrogacy process and adjustment to America, Surrogacy Concierges is here every step of the way for clients.

Women’s Leadership Workshop

Thank you East West Bank for hosting a talk on Women’s Leadership Empowerment with Evie Jeang as a guest speaker. Despite the disadvantages that come with being a woman in the legal field, Ms. Jeang has been recognized time and time again for her expertise in family and surrogacy law. As a child of divorced parents, she is personally invested in every case she takes on. She advised attendees that success meant being fearless and making your own luck.

July 13, 2017
July 7, 2017

Lawyer’d Magazine

Evie Jeang, Managing Partner of Ideal Legal Group (ILG), recently did an interview with Lawyered Magazine where she shared her experience as a female in a male dominated field, and what it means for her to be able to be her own boss. A single mother, Ms. Jeang spoke about how she manages running her own firm and the sacrifices she has to make. She also shared how this experience lead to her latest venture, the launch of Surrogacy Concierges, a services based company aimed at providing guidance and assistance to people looking to expand their family via in vitro fertilization or surrogacy. As the only attorney in Southern California with both personal and professional experience with surrogacy, Jeang understands and empathizes with her clients. With a network of medical professionals, hospitality professionals and in house attorneys, Jeang says the mission of Surrogacy Concierges is to make sure its clients needs are satisfied and interest are protected. To find out more about Jeang’s practice or Surrogacy Concierges, Jeang can be reached at: (626)569-1882 or


Evie Jeang, Managing Partner of Ideal Legal, recently had an interview with ETTV where she spoke about the motivation behind her latest venture, Surrogacy Concierges. In the interview, Jeang spoke about the importance of families having the opportunity to expand. She also touched on the importance of cultural awareness, and the impact it plays in tailoring plans that are specific to each client. Lastly, she distinguished her company from other surrogacy companies in that everything is done in house, from negotiating and drafting of agreements by attorneys, to matching donors with recipients and walking the clients through the process from start to finish. The mission of Surrogacy Concierges is to make the process effortless, so that its clients experience is enjoyable.

July 3, 2017
June 29, 2017


Today, our own Aaron Gbewonyo was interviewed by ETTV to talk about how the company brings families together. Raised By a Village, the non-profit that he and Jeang launched, reflects the kind of work SC wishes to accomplish for families here in California as well as overseas. #FamilyFirst #TakesAVillage #InternationalLaw

Surrogacy Concierges

It was Evie Jeang’s pleasure to host a luncheon in support of John Chiang for Governor 2018. #JoinJohn2018 Like Mr. Chiang, Jeang wishes to serve the interests of the Asian American community. With this in mind, she founded Surrogacy Concierges to guide those who wish to start their surrogacy journey.
June 29, 2017